Besana Carpeting

For more than forty years, we have been transforming fine yarns into soft carpets, durable rugs and an endless range of rugs. With passion e creativityby bringing together the craftsmanship, which has always been the heritage of the Brianza area, with the most innovative proposals of Italian and international designers and stylists. Renewing tradition every day, to grow by treasuring our history.

We take care of the spaces where the world moves every day, the environments in which people live, work or share their leisure time. Combining functionality and emotion. All our efforts are aimed at a thorough understanding of the customer's needs. So that every detail can tell others his story, his values, his ambitions and his personality.

Entering an environment where one of Besana's products is present - be it a home or a hotel room, a retail space, a conference centre or an office - is an experience that engages the senses, where the colours, the geometries, the skilful combination of different fabrics, the absence of harmful emissions due to volatile organic compounds, all contribute to creating an all-embracing sensation of well-being. To live and work better. Every day, every moment.

Let's study style, dimensions e formswe create combinations of colours e materials and shapes, we alternate thicknesses and degrees of softness to meet every customer expectation, offering a product capable of achieving the highest quality standards and happily coexisting with the space that surrounds it.
Each project is a journey that we embark on with enthusiasm, searching for the point where comfort, practicality and beauty can intertwine harmoniously. All our carpets, rugs and runners are the result of the commitment of many professionals dedicated to offering a product of excellence. In every respect.

Besana's products offer a great ability to adapt to any situation and endless customisation possibilities: each carpet line is in fact able to translate its characteristics into the form of a carpet of any size, while maintaining its stylistic and performance qualities.

The collections are renewed from season to season, interpreting - and often anticipating - the evolution of style. We know that every room needs special attention, and today, in addition to the living and sleeping areas, even the outdoor and wellness areas can boast the presence of a Besana rug or runner.
A world on your scale. The Besana World.

The success of a brand is never the result of lucky coincidences, but is the fruit of years of experience, to which we add solid values and serious professional ethics. Each of our goals is achieved thanks to continuous research, in the stylistic field as in the technological one: new shapes, innovative materials, great attention paid to the most recent stylistic trends, together with a renewed sensitivity towards environmental issues and constant respect for rules, have allowed us to remain, season after season, an unavoidable point of reference in Italy and internationally.

Individuals and companies find in Besana the ideal partner, a solid and reliable interlocutor.
Who always has time to listen to them, understand them, interpret and realise their wishes.

Always time for you!

Welcome to Besana's world.